SysAid as a company-wide portal

A Use case about how a Consist's implementation of SysAid created an enterprise-wide corporate portal at ‘Amot’ – one of Israel’s largest real estate company


Ran Zamir, CIO at Amot, can you tell us a little bit about 'AMOT'?

Gladly. Founded in 1964, Amot Investments Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading real estate company. Its business fields include management, leasing, maintenance, initiation and development of yielding properties, including office buildings, industrial parks, logistics centers, malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, central bus stations and more. Amot currently owns 104 yielding properties with a total area of 1.4 million square kilometers. The Company is traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and is included in the leading market indices, including: TA-35 and TA-125, TA-Real-Estate.

How did you find out about SysAid and Consist?

Before I came to Amot, I managed the development and applications division at another large organization, where I became acquainted with the system, its capabilities and the wide range of applications that Consist implements with it. I asked the SysAid team at Consist to formulate a comprehensive digital solution that will enable SysAid to function not only as a Service Desk system but as a full enterprise-level portal. The goal was to provide an innovative and empowering user experience in all levels and fields of the company in addition to ITSM.

Can you tell us a little bit about the solution and how is it different from a typical ITSM usage?

The solution, which we formulated together with the Consist team, was a combination of an ITSM  Help Desk solution with a comprehensive  organizational portal  which integrates a large variety of activities and applications, such as: applicative solutions, activities related to employees’ welfare, a suggestions hub where employees can provide ideas regarding how to improve business processes,  bulletin board, links to the company’s pages on social networks, a corporate email system, recruitment ads, a knowledge management module, and much more.

We knew a lot could be done with SysAidbeyond ITSM, but an enterprise portal is totally a new ball game

Totally. SysAid is a highly flexible and very powerful Service Desk system, but its capabilities go far beyond ITSM. Oz (Consist’s SysAid team member) developed and implemented an organizational portal with components that drive a wide range of organizational operations, activities and processes. The result is amazing and the portal was accepted with great enthusiasm by both employees and managers, who use it frequently, all day, every day. It not only helped us streamline a large variety of organizational processes, but also plays a pivotal role in both internal and external communications and marketing processes and activities.

Very impressive – both in terms of the idea and the execution. Can you tell us a little bit about how you launched the system in order to maximize awareness and acceptance

Obviously, it was extremely important for us that the system will be enthusiastically received, accepted and used. To ensure this, we formulated a week-long internal marketing campaign that preceded the actual launch, in which we used teasers to raise curiosity and expectation. We distributed to the employees and managers special giveaways that carried marketing messages, such as branded snacks with slogans such as “She's Back” and “FRESH”, hinting about the upgrade and features that the new system provides. Afterwards, the actual launch of the system was accompanied by a large happening that included branded balloons, posters and giveaways as well as  'Zoom' tutorial to all employees.

?And what were the results

At once, the organization’s users started using the portal to open IT service calls, which had the immediate benefit of taking a great deal of load off the IT team. Furthermore, the organizational portal gained immense popularity and is used by both employees and managers intensively – to publish messages, make proposals, publish recruitment ads, report attendance, post ideas, suggestions and messages regarding social and welfare matters, as well as countless other activities. And this is just the beginning, as we have plans to expand the portal even further.

?A few words about the Consist staff

There aren’t enough words to describe the great service we received from the SysAid team at Consist. From the onset of the project: the commitment and attention to understand our needs; Their attention to every detail and their professionalism in formulating and implementing the solution – all these activities were carried out in the most professional and personal way possible. The implementation of the system itself was completed in record time, and the end result exceeded our expectations. The Consist team did a truly amazing job!

Thank you very much Ran, for sharing the customer story and for the partnership between the two companies. Consist is proud to be a part of an amazing success story like that of Amot!

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