Incident & Crisis Management

Consist and SysAid’s Incident Management System (IMS) and Crisis Management System (CMS) for HLS organizations

SysAid is used by leading organizations throughout the world as an IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution, but SysAid also functions as a powerful Incident Managment and Crisis Managment System and enables security and governmental organzations to efficiently manage a wide variety of Homeland Security operations and processes. 

Security Incidents & Crisis Management - Overview

Consist and SysAid's IMS and CMS solutions transform the way HLS organizations manage crisis situations and security incidents, and help them gain a complete Situational Awareness of the Area of Interest (AOI) and maximizes C2 capabilities. The solutions provide a wide range of advanced incident management and crisis management tools which enable national security agencies to dramatically improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their HLS operations.

Consist’s IMS and CMS solutions for Homeland Security organizations enable HLS agencies to log, process, manage, and report crisis events and security incidents on either large-scale national levels or local levels, with such functions as 

  • Incident detection and recording.
  • Mapping of all incidents and events.
  • Complete Situational Awareness picture for the Area of Interest (AOI).
  • Continuous monitoring, tracking, and communication regarding all incidents and events.
  • A complete log of all security activities related to each incident, including correspondence and other collection methods and data: Osint, Sigint, Visignt, etc.
  • Classification and support.
  • Escalation to a major incident process whenever required.
  • Investigation and diagnosis capabilities of each and every incident.
  • Resolution and closure.

Consist’s IMS and CMS solutions’ main benefits

  • Enable HLS personnel to be organized, focused and efficient, directly impacting HLS effectiveness and streamlining C2 processes.
  • Ultimately, Consist and SysAid’s IMS and CMS solutions help HLS organizations manage incidents from the moment they are reported through to their resolution, whether this comes within hours, days or even years.

The incident management process

Identify and capture incidents or crisis events

 The initial identification and capture can come from a wide range of security and collection organizations/agencies/field units and personnel/citizens. Consist’s IMS is able to efficiently support all these process.

The various collection sources can include:

    • Telephone & walk-up: Collection sources can call in or just get to talk to someone in Incident Management who can help them when they want to report an event/suspect/any sort of security incident.
    • Email and social sources: Collection sources can report any issue via email and a range of social media channels, with triggers to automatically open tickets.

Incident Mapping

Consist’s IMS and CMS solutions map each and every live incidents and crisis event, enabling HLS officers to identify developing events, threats and security trends, with colorful BI screens which tell the story in a highly visual way.

Record issue and track progress

After detecting an incident, IMS records it in a structured manner according to segments like categories, urgency, and impact.

Manage the event/incident’s ticket

Consist IMS and CMS enable HLS managers to attach all information, data and documents to the relevant incident’s ticket, and track progress of processes related to that incident.

Resolve the ticket

After the incident is resolved, the systems can update the organization’s knowledge base for future reference.

Dynamic Incidents forms

The solutions allow users to create different forms to match different types of tickets/events. You can associate each incident with a matching form, which is loaded automatically during ticket submission. IMS admins and end users can also select the desired form from a list.

IMS and CMS enable you to ensure that standardized methods are used for the efficient response, analysis, documentation, ongoing management, and reporting of security incidents.

The solutions help maximize the visibility and communication of incidents to all agencies which need to be involved- first responders, military and security agencies, government officials, etc.

IMS and CMS align security incident management and crisis management activities and priorities according to HLS best practices.

Dynamic timers

With this feature, you can configure timers to measure the time your tickets spend in various states. Then, SLAs and escalation rules can be set up or modified based on your real-world performance. Built-in timers in this solution are: Time to Respond and Time to Resolve.

Email to Incident ticket

Consist’s IMS and CMS integrate with the organization’s email system, enabling tickets to be submitted via email to one or more dedicated email addresses. Inbound email accounts are monitored by the System, and the new messages are automatically converted into the incident ticket (including the attachments – photos, documents, etc.). Incoming emails related to existing tickets are automatically added to the relevant ticket’s internal messages section.

Fully customizable user interface

The System can be fully customized according to the user’s preferences: printouts, notifications, FAQs, and Knowledge Base items can be adjusted to suit the organizations exact needs.

Routing rules

IMS and CMS can automatically assign incident tickets to the most appropriate, or pre-determined, HLS agent or division, based on the incident’s properties. For example, if the security incidents, or the crisis event, is within a certain division’s responsibility, or jurisdiction, the System automatically assigns the ticket based on the requesting user’s security function or the type of issue.


Generate reports on all HLS  incident activity and performance, including response time, number of operations performed, number of units and personnel, etc.

Managers can also configure the reports in order to focus on the data they are most interested in.



Consist’s IMS and CMS other benefits

  • Ease-of-use and highly intuitive nature: very easy to learn and even easier to use.
  • 21st century features: New, expected concepts, such as on-line chat and self-service, are already mainstream within IMS and CMS.
  • Consistency: The systems deliver a common, easy to learn, user interface across all of its functions and capabilities.
  • Best-practice alignment: Consist’s ISM and CMS will fit, facilitate, and support expansion of your security processes in line with the HLS most popular best-practice framework.

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